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  • Change your oil - old oil will thicken much quicker than new oil.  This also helps minimize the chance of acid build up in the oil and sludging 

  • Fill the gas tank - Filling the gas tank will keep the tank from rusting also add a stabilizer to the fuel 

  • Put the car on tire jacks to avoid flat spots 

  • New Car - connect it to a battery ender. Only if the electrical system is in good condition and there is no possibility of the car catching fire! 

  • Old Car - Disconnect the battery 

  • At your own discretion start the car till it reaches operating temperature.  If applicable consult with the owner, operator or manager of the storage facility that the car is located in if this is permitted.

  • Protect the wiring in your car 

  • Pest control - Lay some traps and deterrents for the vermin. Small rodents like to nest in the dark environments. Make sure your engine bay doesn’t become their home.

  • Don’t use parking brake  



  • Cover it up 

  • Wax, wash and DRY THOROUGHLY before it is stored 

  • Make sure your location is dry 



  • Seal it - Make sure it is as sealed as it can be 

  • Treat your fabric 

  • If you are storing your car near a body of water, consider investing in a dehumidifier to ward off mold.