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Monthly Exhibit: 

Fiero Month

This month we are very pleased to feature the unique and creative Fiero by Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors.  Fieros were initially created in 1984 as an economical sporty car that in 1986 morphed into a very well handling and performing very sporty car in the form of the Fiero GT. It was a mid engine design which initially used GM’s Iron Duke 4 cylinder.  While there was talk of using the GM 3.8 liter V-6 motor,eventually the Fiero got the 2.8 liter V-6 along with a 4-speed manual transmission and disk brakes. This was an attractive package used in the latter GT version. Unfortunately, 1988 was the last year for the Fiero.


The Fiero was a groundbreaking car for General Motors.  Thankfully many enthusiasts keep this car alive in their own image.  Whether it be body kits, engine swaps, simple tuning or just plain stock, the Fiero holds its own in automotive culture.  We are pleased to have several different versions with different individual treatments to their design and performance here in our museum beginning February 9th.  There is even a cut away, bare frame version to showcase its uniquire plastic component body and independent suspension. We are fortunate to have this display presented courtesy of the Kansas City Fiero Owners Group.  Come see this unique car in different models and with different modifications at your Kansas City Automotive Museum.