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1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The Road Runner was introduced in 1968 by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation. By this time, the low priced, bare-bones muscle car concept had grown in size, weight and cost due to many higher-end options being available. Plymouth recreated the basic performance car by using a Belvedere two-door post body married to a 383 cu. in. with 335 hp which was exclusive to the Road Runner. In 1970, a 3-speed manual became standard, with a 4-speed manual and Chrysler's durable TorqueFlite automatic as optional transmissions. The interior was a basic vinyl bench seat and the very early versions only had rubber floor mats. The back windows did not roll down, but rather swung out to open to save on cost. The awesome 425 hp 426 Hemi was an option all three years and the 440 Six-Pack (3 X 2 bbl carburetors) became available mid year of '69 through '70. Beginning in 1971, the Road Runner's styling changed. Outside influences also led to its reduction in power and its ultimate demise. The early 1970s saw an increase of insurance rates on muscle cars and then auto emission regulations further reduced horsepower. 1980 was the last year for the Road Runner.

The current owner of this very nice 1970 Road Runner is Trent Stanley, who purchased this car in June of 2016. His younger brother was also very interested in muscle cars and owned a 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee, an orange, Hemi, 4-speed car that he was restoring. Unfortunately his brother passed away in an ATV accident. After that, the plan changed to restomoding the Coronet with later model Hemi gear. This left an unused 383 big block perfect for a Road Runner. The engine had been overhauled and was ready to go. Trent started looking for a Mopar to go with the engine and immediately became stuck on a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner he found on Craigslist. In 1970 many first options were available, one being the iconic Hurst pistol grip 4-speed. This, coupled with the 383 that was standard for this car, was perfect. It took Trent four years to finish the restoration of this car. 90% of the work was done in a two car garage! He has added disc brakes and larger Mopar wheels and stunning paint work. He takes it to as many events and car shows as possible. Great job Trent. It has been a popular addition to our foreshortened Muscle Car Month.